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Clinical trials for memory-boosting and brain-supporting natural products


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Memory naturally declines with age, women frequently suffer from "pregnancy brain" or "mom brain", and with the recent pandemic, even more Americans are suffering from brain fog. Globally, the brain health market is exploding, confirming that consumers want cognitive-enhancing products. 

You've got a product that can help consumers solve this problem. But today's consumers want more than brand assurance; they want evidence. A clinical trial provides the evidence your brand needs to build consumer trust and help the world think, work, and live better. 

Endpoints for Brain Health Studies 

Brain fog. Mental fatigue. Foggy headed. We have dozens of terms to describe sluggish cognitive function because it impacts such a wide range of people in many different ways. But when it comes to trials on cognition, many research firms resort to tools meant for diagnosing cognitive disorders such as Alzheimer's and dementia rather than for measuring healthy brains. But your product isn't a pharmaceutical for people with diagnosed disorders; it's a natural product that supports brain health in everyone who suffers from everyday issues such as brain fog or absentmindedness. Your trial endpoints need to match your product's effects.

So how do you prove that your aromatherapy blend, herbal supplement, or nutraceutical boosts cognitive wellbeing among people who don't have a cognitive disorder? Franklin Health Research helps you meet this challenge with our proprietary Franklin Health Cognitive Wellbeing Scale (FHCWS). 

The FHCWS is the first tool of its kind developed exclusively for the natural products industry to measure improvements in healthy brain function. This comprehensive measurement focuses on a holistic approach and includes multiple facets of cognition ranging from memory to quality of life. Unlike existing dementia-focused scales, this tool concentrates on the wide range of areas in which brain health can be improved and focuses on real world outcomes that matter to your consumers. 

A natural products cognition trial at Franklin Health will typically focus on 5-6 key endpoints, though your trial's endpoints will be hand-selected by our research team to match your brain boosting product's greatest effects. Our most commonly used endpoints include: 



Capture changes to recall, including long-term recall, of important events, dates, and more. 



Document improved decision-making, judgement, and problem-solving. 



Document improvements to executive functioning through activities such as planning and organizing. 



Capture improvements to focus, attention, and concentration levels. 

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Working Memory

Prove your product's ability to increase ability to hold information in the brain during tasks. 


Quality of Life

Demonstrate improvements to perceived wellbeing, including physical and emotional traits. 

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Cognition Clinical Trials

Brain-enhancing products need to demonstrate beneficial effects in otherwise healthy populations–individuals. This can be challenging but highly rewarding. 

Working with Franklin for a high quality clinical trial with a cognition-boosting outcome is a worthwhile investment as these studies have the potential to substantiate claims such as: 

  • restores mental alertness 
  • improves memory
  • helps with mild memory problems associated with age 
  • boosts healthy mental function 
  • diminishes the cognitive effects of stress 

Cognitive health can be selected as a primary, secondary, or tertiary endpoint for a nutraceutical study. It serves as a fantastic addition to studies targeting stress, gut health, or sleep; it can also be enhanced by adding outcomes such as mood. 

Questions About Brain-Boosting Trials


You know your product supports brain health; we'll help you prove it. 

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