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Caring for the skin involves starting from the inside, which is why numerous powerful ingredients have been shown to boost skin health. 

You've formulated a product with actions such as boosting hydration, delivering a healthy glow, and reducing the signs of wrinkles. But today's consumers want proof. A clinical trial with Franklin Health can deliver the evidence your brand needs to stand out in this crowded market. 

Endpoints for Skin Health Studies 

To measure stress as an outcome, our team focuses on a combination of both mechanical measurements and psychometrics. This delivers a combination of quantifiable skin health outcomes and real world outcomes that drive consumer satisfaction. 

The suite of outcomes tools we utilize examines skin elasticity, hydration, smoothness, wrinkles, and perceived skin health. This documents changes of all sizes and captures the participant's perspective–which is the most important factor in consumer loyalty. 

Each product has unique needs, so your trial's specific endpoints will be determined through collaboration between your marketing goals and our research team, ensuring that they match your product's greatest effects. Our most commonly used endpoints include: 



Elasticity is be measured using the Cutometer™ measuring device, which is the industry gold standard. It uses negative pressure to quantify the skin’s elastic and viscoelastic properties and establish its biological age.  



Hydration is measured with the Corneometer™, the gold standard for skin hydration. It documents hydration variations of the stratum corneum in a wide variety of physiological, pathological and experimental conditions.  



Smoothness is measured using the Frictiometer™, which is the industry gold standard for evaluating friction on the skin. It evaluates the surface of the skin for dryness, wrinkles, and roughness. 



Personal skin satisfaction is assessed using the Franklin Skin Health Scale, which measures participant’s perception of firmness, smoothness, wrinkles, hydration, “glow,” and overall skin quality.  

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Anti-Aging Clinical Trials

Nutraceuticals often have a powerful effect on the skin, opening the door for a wide range of potential claims.  Working with Franklin for a high quality clinical trial with a skin-related outcome is a worthwhile investment as these studies have the potential to substantiate claims such as: 

  • reduces signs of aging on the skin
  • improves skin elasticity 
  • supports smooth skin 
  • alleviates dryness and premature aging
  • diminishes the appearance of wrinkles 

Anti-aging is a common outcome for anti-oxidant dense products or other skin supporting nutraceuticals. Trials on anti-aging products can benefit from the inclusion of secondary or tertiary outcomes such as sleep or mood. 

Questions About Anti-Aging Skin Trials


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